Cotton Tote Bag - from nature with love

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Comfortable, sturdy and eye-pleasing cotton bag that will carry everything you need - from your weekly groceries to your laptop and… your {iossi} cosmetics :)

The print was made using the screen printing method - it is durable and does not break, even when folded many times. The bag itself was sewn from thick cotton to serve you as long as possible.

How to use:

  • fill the bag with your essentials and proudly carry it on your shoulder
  • fold your bag and take it with you before leaving your house - it can be useful for shopping (planned and unplanned)

Effect: eye-catching

For everyone!

Smell: unusual - a bit from a printing house, a bit from the Forest :)

Size: one size: 37x40 cm, fits A4, handles: reinforced, 64 cm long

Fabric: 100% natural cotton, 280g/m2

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