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Time for a gift that is brilliant by nature.

Organic facial Serum (30 ml) and Citrus Esence (50 ml) packaged in our eco-friendly box delivered straight to your home.

Choose your favourite serum and create your own unique set for yourself, your friend, mum, dad, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend (bearded or not!). Tell us in the comments which serum you have chosen.


Choose one of our serums.

Intensive regenerating serum. Primrose and baobab / firming / anti-wrinkle

Brightening face serum. Rosehip / revitalising / toning / soothing

Hydrating face serum. Avocado and hyaluronic acid / intense hydration

Facial serum for blemish prone skin / antibacterial / regenerating / soothing

Just like all IOSSI cosmetics, our serums are hand made in small batches in our fragrant laboratory.


All IOSSI cosmetics do not contain harmful additives, artificial colorants and are not tested on animals. The products have undergone all necessary tests required for the EU market. They are made using natural plant-based ingredients which can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people.

IOSSI. Cosmetics perfect by nature.

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