IOSSIPRO is a line of plant-based functional cosmetics that restore the feeling of comfort to sensitive skin. The line is based on a synergy of biocompatible components, essential oils, prebiotics, vitamins in professional strength. The active ingredients have been selected to provide the skin with a broad spectrum of action: from moisturising, to anti-pollution, to brightening, to deep regeneration.
The effectiveness of the IOSSIPRO line is confirmed by research and is distinguished by a high percentage of natural ingredients and its unique fragrances, which enrich the pleasures of daily care.

Luminescent Skin

Concentrated, hydrosol-based face serum with Vitamin C in an active strength of 10%. It has a light texture that blends perfectly into the skin. An energizing boost of antioxidants that effectively brightens tired complexion. Studies have shown that C-shot reduces skin roughness by 30% after 4 weeks of regular use. It also reduces sebum secretion by 23.3% and restores silky smoothness.

Calm & Clarify
Vitamin Treatment

Concentrated, hydrosol-based serum with niacinamide in an active concentration of 10%, vitamin C, Acai Berry Extract and Tea Tree Oil. B3-shot is ultra moisturising and smoothing for all skin types, especially problematic and acne-prone. It has a lightweight texture that instantly melts into the skin. Studies have shown that it increases hydration levels by 37.1% after 4 weeks of regular application. It effectively reduces sebum secretion and restores a healthy-looking complexion.

Youth Booster
Oil Serum

Oil serum with coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and E. Recommended for all skin types, especially for mature skin. Fragrant, extremely energizing. Thanks to the high content of sugarcane squalane, it is absorbed extremely quickly. Studies have shown that it increases skin hydration levels by 30.8% after 4 weeks of regular use. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes and brings back a radiant complexion. 

Wrinkle Smoothing
Face Cream

A smoothing, ultra-rich face cream with vitamins (C, B3 and E) and bakuchiol - the natural retinol alternative. Vitamin boost and regeneration of all skin types, especially dry and mature. Increases skin hydration levels by 32.1% after 4 weeks of regular use. Brings relief to sensitive skin, has a firming and antioxidant effect.

Deep Hydration
Prebiotic & Peptide
Rejuvenating Face Cream

A highly hydrating face cream with natural peptide, prebiotic and hyaluronic acid. Ultra light in texture, recommended for all skin types, especially combination, oily and problematic. It supports the regeneration of sensitive skin, smooths it and makes it more supple. Studies have shown that it reduces skin roughness by 29% after 4 weeks of regular use. It quickly blends into the skin, making it ideal for under makeup as well.

City Face

Antioxidant urban mist for face, neck and décolleté with rose hydrosol and fresh aloe juice. Provides natural protection against polluted air. Effectively tones, brightens and revitalises all skin types, including sensitive ones. Increases skin hydration levels by 45.58% after 4 weeks of regular application. Reduces sebum production, bringing back a feeling of comfort to the skin and wonderfully refreshing it.

Deep Moisture
Fast Absorbing
Body Lotion

A smoothing, intensely moisturising body lotion with yeast ferment, hemp oil and natural prebiotics. It has a regenerating effect, bringing immediate relief to sensitive, dry and rough skin. Increases its hydration level by 37.8% after 72 hours of application. The light texture makes it incredibly comfortable to use.

The IOSSIPRO line has been designed so that each of the cosmetics stimulates the senses and brings pleasure daily. From the moment of reaching for the beautiful, user-friendly packaging, energising with cosmetics' natural fragrance, delighting with their light texture, ease of application and absorption.

After creating a classic line, loved by our clients, we decided to introduce cosmetics with lighter formulas. I hope we surprised you :) We are still the same company, though - we love natural fragrances, which can also be felt in our new line. Everything is light, effective and veeery pleasant.

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